Baidu Antivirus

Free Forever

Baidu Antivirus is 100% free, forever! You can be sure that there are no hidden fees or activation codes, no restricted functions and no limit to the number of PCs you can install it on. We are committed to providing you with superior antivirus technology and an excellent user experience at no cost to you.

Multiple Antivirus Engines

The Baidu Antivirus Engine and Baidu Cloud Engine are integrated with one of the world's leading antivirus engines from Avira. Together, these three powerful antivirus engines provide you with complete, three-dimensional virus detection and removal and comprehensive computer protection.

Seamless, Automatic Updates

Baidu Antivirus’ innovative virus eradication and malicious URL detection system is always up-to-date with the most current protection technology. Because your PC synchronizes automatically with our Baidu cloud security data center, we can quickly and accurately eradicate the latest threats while ensuring your PC maintains top performance.

Proactive Defense

Unlike less advanced virus applications, Baidu Antivirus provides local proactive defense + Cloud proactive defense to completely protect your computer from invasion by unknown malicious software. With our intelligent technology, we directly monitor a program's behavior locally to determine if it is a virus while dynamically identifying and characterizing the code in the cloud to quickly and accurately eradicate it.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection protects your most sensitive data. Surfing the web exposes your files to hackers, spyware, phishing, and network intruders. If you want or need to be invisible online, with no ability to track your footprints, then Baidu Antivirus is a must. Baidu Antivirus protects your personal data, photos and documents and other financial information with three functions: Anti-Keylogger、Screen Capture Protection and Webcam Protection.

Powerful Tools

Baidu Antivirus provides 3 simple and powerful tools:

  • Cloud File Scanner: verifies whether or not your files are secure in real time through the cloud.
  • Browser Protection: is enabled with one key to protect your default browser and homepage from being changed maliciously.
  • Language Translator: provides customized translation that enables you to translate Baidu Antivirus into your desired language. Don't forget to share the translated version with your friends who also like Baidu Antivirus.
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