Baidu International Science and Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (Baidu) is headquartered in Hong Kong, a territory whose privacy standards may be not equivalent to the ones applied in the place you are based. We truly take customer privacy seriously and promise that we will protect your privacy when you use our services. This policy (hereafter called "privacy policy") describes what types of information we collect. This policy makes clear how we use and with whom we share the information gained when you use Baidu Antivirus services and software. The privacy policy also introduces the measures we take to protect the information you share with us. If you have any concerns, please contact us at Our website may include links to third-party sites not covered by the privacy policy. We are not responsible for privacy policies that are not approved by Baidu or content from third-party websites. Baidu encourages you to read the privacy policies for any third-party websites you access.


1.   We collect the following user information:

      To improve your Baidu Antivirus experience and provide you with the best service, we collect necessary data and information regarding your use of this service and analyze it to provide an upgraded and convenient service. For example, this information helps us understand what problems users encounter when using our software and services, so we can improve the quality, performance, and security of these software and services accordingly.


Baidu attaches great importance to the protection of user information. Any data collected will be used anonymously and will be encrypted to guarantee information security.


Based on the product's special features, users consent to Baidu's collection of the following data:


      • User submitted personal information, including the registration information submitted when applying for a Baidu account.


      • To provide users with software upgrade notifications, relevant information on users' installed software will be reported.


      • In order to provide intelligent recommendations and other features and services to users, only Baidu Antivirus software installation, activation, and uninstallation information will be reported. In order to provide cloud antivirus etc., relevant information on users' installed software will be reported, so as to ensure the proper operation of server computation and commands.


      • Users' operation statuses and usage information for this software, and basic records and related information reflected clearly and objectively in Baidu servers, for example, software usage data, software upgrade request information, user requested information, and account sync information, etc


      • Other information required to improve Baidu Antivirus technology and services.


2.   Use of Users' Personal Information

      Baidu account:You may need a Baidu account to access or use our software and services, depending on their versions. If you do not have a Baidu account, the system may prompt you to complete the registration process and create one before you can use our software and services.Users consent to Baidu using their information for the following purposes:

      • To perform software verification or upgrade services;

      • To improve user security and provide customer support;

      • To improve software technology and services (i.e. to help us understand what problems users encounter when using our software and services, so that we can improve the quality, performance, and security of these software and services accordingly);

      • To send notifications and provide Baidu service information to users;

      • Baidu Antivirus may need to cooperate with third-parties to provide users with relevant network services, and these third-parties agree to bear the same responsibility as Baidu for the protection of users' privacy;

      • Baidu may analyze and generate statistical data from the user database, but will not disclose the private information of individual users;

      • Customer Experience Improvement Plan: If you participate in the Baidu Customer Experience Improvement Plan, Baidu will collect usage statistics for each software. As per regulations, these statistics will generally include the installation and usage frequency information of each feature. After analyzing the data, Baidu will be able to improve the quality of its software and provide users with more secure services. We only collect statistics for Baidu software and this does not include any personal identity information.

      • Feedback: Currently, when you contact Baidu through email or in any other way, we may record your message to help us better resolve any problems you may have. If you agree to receive product software or service update information or any of our marketing materials, we may use your email address to send you updates, news, and marketing information. However, you can unsubscribe these communications at any time.


The current submitted content of Users’ software products is summarized as below:

1.   User’s system information: list of installed software, msconfig list, service list, Operating system version, browser version, mac address of the network card, hard drive serial number, memory, system structure (32/64)


2.   Behavior information of the Software itself : installing, uninstalling, daily activity, upgrade requests, etc.


3.   User behavior data: including the features used and button clicked by the User.


4.   PE files ** (exe, dll, sys file ) from user's computer, PE file path will be uploaded.


For example, if a new file gtapi.dll is created on a User's computer, our anti-virus products will upload this file and the file path (C:\Users\renzhijie\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\jre1.6.0_20\gtapi.dll) to our server for identification.


5.   ** The Portable Executable (PE) format is a file format for executables, object code, DLLs, FON Font files, [1] [2] and others used in 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems.


Please refer to the address below for further details: 


As to URLs visited by the User, to verify the safety of such visited URL, for example, a user visited with a browser, our anti-virus products will upload this URL to our server for identification.




3.   Information Security

      We work hard to protect Baidu and our users from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, and destruction of their information. The personal information we hold will be secured and protected. Our main security procedures are as follows:

      • We conduct SSL encrypted transmission for information obtained through many of our services.


      • Before any information is uploaded to Baidu's cloud security center, we encrypt it with industry standard encryption methods, including MD5 and SHA1.


      • We inspect the collected information and its storage and processing, including physical security measures when we feel they should be adopted to prevent unauthorized access to the system.


          We strictly prohibit anyone but Baidu employees and our contractors and agents that provide services from accessing your personal information. If they do not strictly comply with their contractual confidentiality obligations, they will be subject to disciplinary action or contract termination.



4.   Information Sharing

      Baidu adopts rational procedures to protect user information. We do not disclose user information to third parties except in the following situations:


      • When required by law or government departments with legal authority;

• In order to safeguard the interests of users and the general public in an emergency;

      • In order to safeguard Baidu's trademarks, patents, and any other legal rights and interests;


      • When users consent to the disclosure of their information.


      If Baidu is involved in mergers, acquisitions, or asset disposal, we will continue to ensure the confidentiality of any personal information and send notifications to users in advance if mergers, acquisitions or asset disposal will result in transfer or modification of the privacy policy.


      The use of third-party services or devices may result in the disclosure of user information to third parties. Users must understand the third-party's information security terms and conditions. Baidu is not responsible for risks incurred in this way.


      Users can choose not to provide user information to Baidu, or cancel Baidu's collection of some types of information by configuring the product settings. In addition, the Users can access, modify or cancel their personal data, and object to its use by sending an e-mail to the following address [please include e-mail address]. However, Baidu disclaim any responsibility for any malfunction of any service features due to lack of user information.


      Baidu Antivirus Cloud Security Plan: If users choose to join the Baidu Antivirus Cloud Security Plan, the antivirus program will determine if users' computers have any suspicious programs that have virus characteristics or display virus-like behavior. If suspicious programs are found, this software will send the file's fingerprints to the Baidu cloud query server to query the file's security level. If the program file does not exist on the server, it will be uploaded. Upload only occurs when files display suspicious virus-like characteristics or behavior and the Baidu cloud query server does not have a sample of the program file. Normal files will not be uploaded. Uploaded data and files do not contain any personal identification information, they are simply used to analyze potential viruses. In the "Settings" window of the software, users can manually deactivate the relevant options.



5    Liabilities and Disclaimer

      • Users acknowledge that "Baidu Antivirus" software will utilize its commercially reasonable efforts to protect the privacy and integrity of users's electronic resources and communications; however, users also acknowledge and agree that Baidu cannot provide any guarantee or warranty on this.


      • Special note to users: in order to protect the company's autonomy of business development and adjustment, Baidu reserves the right to modify or discontinue software licenses for technical reasons. If necessary, modification or termination will be announced on important pages of Baidu's website.


      • Users agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Baidu and its partners and affiliates from and against any third party's claims, allegations and losses (including reasonable attorney fees) that arise or result from the breach or violation of this agreement or relevant service terms. Depending on the user's behavior, Baidu reserves the right to take reasonable measures, including but not limited to terminating the user license, ending service provision, restricting use, taking legal actions, etc.


      • This software has been strenuously tested, but we cannot guarantee its complete compatibility with all hardware and software systems or that it is completely free from flaws. In the case of incompatibility or a software error, users can call the tech support line, report the situation to Baidu, and receive technical support. If the compatibility issue cannot be resolved, users may delete the software.

      • To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Baidu hereby disclaim any damage and risk resulting from the use or inability to use this software, including but not limited to direct or indirect personal injury, loss of business profits, interruption of business, loss of business information, and any other economic losses.


      • Baidu does not bear any responsibility for losses arising from telecommunication or internet network failure, computer failure, computer system problems, or any other force majeure event.


      • In case of damages to Baidu due to users' violation of the terms of this agreement, Baidu has the right to take reasonable measures, including but not limited to terminating the user license, ending service provision, restricting use, taking legal actions, etc.


          In the event that you would like to opt out of Baidu’s collection and usage of your personal information for providing you with a better user experience, to increase the quality of our services, to better improve your security and improve our technology and services, please contact us at [].  Please note that once you opt out, you may still continue to receive emails or advertisements regarding Baidu’s services and/or products, but these emails will not be tailored to your preferences and usage based on information collected by Baidu.