Official Release of Baidu Antivirus 2014


   Recently, the all-new Baidu Antivirus 2014 will be officially released; it will continue offering users all-functional, light-interfaced and easy-to-use security software.

   I Real-time protection options doubled, three major privacy protection functions added for the first time

   Baidu Antivirus 2014 will offer users three options – Computer, Internet and Privacy Protection with a total of 12 protection functions (six protection functions in Baidu Antivirus 2013) to protect users’ computer safety in an all-round manner. The safety protection functions that many users urgently need will be brought out with along with Baidu Antivirus 2014. The three major protective measures include: Anti-Keylogger, Screen Capture Protection and Webcam Protection, the newly-added options will help to fully protect your privacy from being invaded.


   II Enhanced user experience, simple interface and easy operation

   The new interface style and blue background simplify the interface of Baidu Antivirus 2014, optimize scenes that users often encounter and make it easier to use. The new version provides a new design experience in virus searching and clearing, as well as quickened scanning times.

   III Optimized user feedback

   As a security firm committed to offering users a better security experience, we pay close attention to problems users may run into in the use procedure. We believe we can offer you better free antivirus software through positive communication with the user. To this end, we have optimized the feedback function of Baidu Antivirus 2014. The new “feedback” is easier to operate. In the event of any problems, please feel free to contact us through “feedback”.

   IV The new toolbox provides three tools.

   1.Cloud File Scanner verifies whether or not your files are secure in real time through cloud.

   2.Brower Protection is enabled with one key to protect your default browser and homepage from being changed maliciously.

   3.Language Translator provides customized translation that enables you totranslate Baidu Antivirus into your desired language, do not forget to share the translated version with your friends who also like Baidu Antivirus.

   V In Baidu Antivirus 2014, we have cleared the world’s most difficult polymorphicvirus – Virut.

   You have to partition and format your disk after your computer is infected with this virus. Baidu Antivirus has managed to clear all variants of the virus and restore the system to a secure status. It can also repair infected system files in operation!

   Baidu Antivirus does its best to provide impeccable security services to PC users worldwide and 90,000,000 users have chosen to install it. With the expectations and support of numerous users, we are working hard to make it better.