Don't let phishing sites steal your property!


   1, What are phishing sites and how can they harm me?

   Phishing sites engage in Internet fraud. They are created by criminals for illegal activities. They counterfeit the URLs and page content of real websites or exploit the vulnerabilities of real web servers to insert dangerous HTML codes on real webpages. This is done to stealusers' bank account or credit card numbers, passwords, and other private information.

   Examples of common phishing site tricks:

   1.Counterfeit PayPal or eBay: Users are told that they have changed their email address and are asked to go to the website to verify the change. This leads users to a fake website where they login and have their account number and password stolen.

   2.Counterfeit eBanking: Users receive an email informing them that their eBanking services have been suspended, tricking them into logging into a fake bank activation page where their account number and password are stolen.

   3.Counterfeit official email from Apple: Users are informed that their Apple ID has been locked because of an abnormal login andare told to login to reactivate it. Users then go to a counterfeit version ofthe official Apple site where their account number and password are taken to steal the money in their account. 

     According to Baidu Antivirus statistics (   ), the top 10 sites subject to phishing are as follows:


   2, How do I protect against phishing sites?

   1.When shopping or banking online, make sure youenter the correct shopping or banking web addresses by yourselves. Do not readily trust links provided in other sites or emails.

   2.When you receive emails regarding account or money issues, first verify that they are official emails from legitimate institutions before doing anything else.

   3.The simplest method: Install professional antivirus software with anti-phishing features. For instance, Baidu Antivirus (, which currently is free for an unlimited time. It is not prudent to use antivirus software that lacks these features.