Unemployed Women Targeted by New Version of "Facebook Ad Gold Digger" that Says They Can Earn Money Working through Google


   Recently, Baidu Antivirus has again intercepted a variant of the "Facebook Ad GoldDigger" virus (named Adware.Win32.FBhate.71). The new variant has appeared after an interval of a month or more from the previous version (firstdiscovered on Oct. 26, 2013). It is more cunning than pervious versions and uses more clever methods. It is very difficult for normal computer users to clean this malicious Chrome extension from their computers. It differs from the previous version that advertised a "magic diet pill" targeted to overweight people. The new version targets unemployed women who stay at home. It tells them that they can earn $160 a day by using Google at home. This scam generally uses the Facebook accounts of infected computers to automatically send content like the example below:

   Analysis by Baidu Antivirus shows that the new version of "Facebook Ad GoldDigger" has the following characteristics:

   1. Superb camouflage technology

l  The virus files use the official Chrome icon to more easily trick users into running them

l  The virus files are released into the system directory, and they use deceptive names

   2. Self-resurrection function

l  The virus creates a startup program named FB Chrome. This way the virus is activated whenever the user turns on his computer

l  It frequently monitors the Preferences set in Chrome, and if it detects that malicious extensions have been cleared, it will activate its automatic reinstallation program

   3. Comparison of the two "Facebook Ad Gold Digger" versions

   We have noted that the fraudulent URLs that spread this Facebook virus generally use well-known websites as springboards. They bypass Facebook security detection and get users to believe their fraudulent information. They generally use some confusing plug-in names to avoid user detection 

   According to Baidu Antivirus security experts, as security software has increased their attention to Facebook viruses, these viruses have begun to evolve more rapidly. They use more advanced technology and their program functions are more complex. They are also increasingly hard to get rid of. To avoid the risks posed by these viruses, users should continuously update their security software. Currently, Baidu Antivirus users can prevent the "Facebook Ad Gold Digger"viruses from infecting their computers by simply enabling real-time protection.It is recommended that the other users download the latest version of Baidu Antivirus and enable the real-time protection feature. This will prevent viruses from hijacking their Facebook accounts.

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