Trojan.Win32.Banker Targeted World's Largest Banks, Netizens Should Be Cautious in Logging into Online Banks


   Baidu Antivirus has warned that a new online bank Trojan, named Trojan.Win32.Banker, is attempting to steal important information such as users' online bank account passwords. 35 online banks are involved in the attack list ofTrojan. Win32.Banker, where 7 of the 25 largest banks in the world have been targeted by this Trojan (HSBC, Santander, Citi, American Express, Bradesco, BBand itau). The online banking phishing technology used by this Trojan is extremely secretive. Users' online banking security will be seriously threatened once suffered from it.

   Expertsof Baidu Antivirus pointed out that the Trojan.Win32.Banker online bank Trojanis mainly targeting users in Brazil. Once infected by the Trojan,  user names, passwords, credit card security codes  and other online banking information entered by users will be collected by hackers. Hackers will utilize these information to transfer funds via online banks. Trojan.Win32.Banker uses hosts hijacking and automatic configuration script tampering technologies to intercept users' online bank information. You may think you're logging into anormal online bank website, but actually the content on it has been replaced with a fake online bank website elaborately constructed by hackers. Ordinary users can easily be deceived since the domain name has not been changed and thepage is highly similar to the original one, explained by the person in charge of Baidu Antivirus.

(Onlinebank information entered by the user has been sent to the hacker’s server)

   Baidu Antivirus Security Center wants to warn netizens that the Trojan.Win32.Banker online bank Trojan can be prevented by enabling Baidu Antivirus real-time protection. For other users, it is recommended to download the latest version of Baidu Antivirus and have the real-time protection enabled so as to avoid significant losses caused by the possible Trojan infection.


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