Users Must Guard Against Phishing Attacks Related to the 2014 FIFA World Cup


   The eyes of the world will soon focus on the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup. Unfortunately, it also attracts a great deal of scammers. Security experts have noticed a rapid increase in various types of attacks related tothe World Cup.

   Recently, the Baidu Antivirus Security Center has discovered the spread of one type of 2014 FIFA World Cup phishing attack. In their analysis, Baidu security experts discovered that this type of phishing attack generally lures targets with free 2014 FIFA World Cup tickets and great prizes (e.g. cashor even cars). After users unknowingly click on a malicious link, they are required to enter their CPF, Visa credit card number and security code, and other private information. This allows the scammer to steal from their credit cards causing financial loss.

   Baidu Antivirus Security Center has detected that the latest 2014 FIFA World Cup Internet scams mainly spread through fraudulent emails and other methods:

   1. The malicious webpage first requires users to enter their name,date of birth, and CPF (Brazilian personal tax registration number)


   2. Next, the scammer requires users to enter their credit card number, CVV security code, etc.

   The scammer collects there lated banking information. This information, and especially the CVV security code, allows the scammer to fraudulently charge users' credit cards


   This sort of scam uses users' interest in the World Cup against them. As the World Cup is still approaching, scammers have sufficient time to find more potential victims. Therefore, the Baidu Security Center estimates that these attacks will increase as the 2014 FIFA World Cup draws nearer

   Baidu Antivirus security experts warn users: phishing attacks directly impact the security of your bank accounts. Please be sure to enable the security software's network protection feature to avoid this sort of scam. Currently, Baidu Antivirus users can protect against all types of common phishing sites just by enabling full protection. It is recommended that the other users download the latest version of Baidu Antivirus and enable the full protection feature to avoid financial loss


   At the same time, the Baidu security team reminds soccer fans to remain vigilant and we suggest the following methods to avoid scams:

l      Be wary of unsolicited and suspicious emails (we suggest deleting them immediately)

l      Do not click on links or open attachments from suspicious emails

l      Avoid entering private information (especially credit card information) on unfamiliar websites

l      Promptly upgrade your security software and enable the full protection feature


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