Windows XP support is disappearing soon, but Baidu Antivirus will continue to keep you safe


   Microsoft recently announced thatit will stop providing security updates and patches to Windows XP users onApril 8th, 2014. In addition, its free antivirus software, MicrosoftSecurity Essentials, will no longer offer virus database updates for theWindows XP system. In light of this announcement, Baidu Antivirus has pledgedto continue Windows XP support for its award-winning, free antivirus software, tohelp ensure the continued security of millions of XP users worldwide.

   A report from the web analytics firm Net Applications shows thatWindows XP still commands 30% of the PC operating system market, the secondhighest market share after Windows 7. The security experts at Baidu Antivirussay that when security services are no longer being provided for XP, the riskof zero-day attacks will rise for XP users. Hackers will be able toreverse-engineer security patches released for Windows 7 to determine whetherthe same weaknesses exist in XP. Once a weakness is found, they will be able touse it to attack XP systems, meaning that XP users will be under constantthreat of zero-day attacks.

   “There are a lot of XP users out there who rely on their computer’ssafety, and Baidu Antivirus won’t leave them in the dark,” said Baidu Antivirusteam leader    Sam   Dong. “We will continue to provide all of our award-winning securityservices for XP users worldwide.” Dong said that many XP users prefer not toupgrade to a new OS because their hardware might not be able to run newersystems at a reasonable speed. Because Baidu Antivirus is extremely lightweight, it is able to run smoothly and offer full protection even on oldercomputers, he said.

   According to Dong, Baidu Antivirus utilizes a comprehensive,triple-gate security system, which offers XP users all-round security. Thefirst gate in the system is the primary gatekeeper: it stops threats beforethey reach your computer by blocking phishing scams and potentially harmful downloads.The second gate is cloud scanning: it stops all known threats with itssophisticated cloud scan and local scanning systems. The third gate is active protection: seven layers of computer protection and three layers of privacyprotection prevent unknown programs from attacking the user's computer.

   Image:Baidu Antivirus’s triple-gate security syste

   Baidu Antivirus has received many accolades on the strength of its security. In December 2013, selected BaiduAntivirus as its "most promising antivirus" product of the year. Before that, Baidu Antivirus also received the prestigious VB100 award from VirusBulletin, Checkmark Certification from West Coast Labs, and OPSWAT Certification. 

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