Facebook's 19 Billion Bet on WhatsApp Gives Scammers An Occasion for Fraud


   WhatsApp has taken off! The 19 billion dollars Facebook spent to purchase WhatsApp has left people dumfounded.Recently, the Baidu Antivirus Security Center has discovered criminals using the WhatsApp name to practice rampant Internet fraud. Security experts have discovered many malware attacks taking advantage of the WhatsApp name. We found that these attacks generally use fraudulent emails or websites to trick users into installing malware, such as Adware, Trojan Banker, and Trojan Downloader,disguised as WhatsApp. The Baidu Antivirus Security Center especially advises online banking users that there are a wave of banking trojans using WhatsApp to assist in their attacks. If users are not careful, these attacks may steal their online funds.

   These scammers are smarter than their predecessors that primarily used fraudulent emails.They meticulously prepared a fraudulent website to target WhatsApp.Predictably, this site offers to check whether your partner has been cheating on you and boasts it can obtain all your friends' messages (A glimpse into the private life of others? Otherwise how can they trick people into downloading suspicious software?).

   Baidu Antivirus security experts viewed this site's domain name registration information and discovered that it was registered on Feb 2, 2014. (We have to suspect that the scammers are outstanding Internet analysts. How did they know that WhatsApp could be sold for such a price and create an explosion ofinterest?)

   Ofcourse, in reality this so-called high-level tool is nothing more than an adware downloader (You are disappointed, aren't you?)

   WhatsApp remains a popular target for scammers, and we predict that attacks targeting WhatsApp will continue for some time.Baidu Antivirus security experts advise users to enable the security software's protection functions when using their computers. This will help them avoid being scammed, or even losing their online funds. Currently, Baidu Antivirus users who enable full protection will be shielded from the various Internet attacks targeting WhatsApp.

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