Guard your Apple ID, Apple Users, Beware of Account Phishing


   Recently,Baidu Antivirus Security Center noticed a growth in phishing attacks that are intended to steal ID information of Apple users. Users are trapped to log in phishing sites (by such means as claiming that the users Apple IDs and passwords are revealed or using such other keywords that may cause tension of users, for example,“Apple ID Disabled for Security Reason”). Such phishing sites look almost the same as the Apple official site, and when a user in cautiously inputs his Apple ID and password, the webpage will ask the user to proceed with entering his full name, credit card number and expiry date,security code, birth date, phone number and other privacy information. To avoid being doubted, the phishing sites will automatically redirect the user to Apple’sofficial site after his completed privacy information is successfully collected,making the user may feel his private information not being stolen.


   (Figure: fake site highly similar to the real Apple official site)

   (Figure: On this page, the user is requested to provide the credit card account, expiry date and other sensitive information)

   (Figure: After the user has inputted credit card account and other sensitive information, the page will be automatically redirected to Apple’sofficial page)

   There have been hundreds of millions of Apple Store users, and most of the Apple IDs have bound to credit cards, which, according to Baidu Antivirus Security Center, is the main cause for cyber criminals to be so keen on stealing AppleIDs and asking for entry of credit card information. Baidu Antivirus security experts have found a variety of Apple phishing sites in different styles, all of which attempt to steal the users’ credit card information.


   Here is a reminder from Baidu Antivirus Security Center:phishing attacks against Apple IDs may cause your credit cards to be subject to fraudulent usage, so please do enable the network protection feature of your security software to avoid being trapped. At present, users of Baidu Antiviru scan intercept a variety of phishing sites targeting Apple IDs by enabling thefull protection.

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