Baidu Antivirus Won Its First AV-C Evaluation with World's Second Highest Detection Rate


According to the evaluation report published following the recently completed top-level antivirus evaluation by AV-Comparatives, Baidu Antivirus made a splendid debut in the evaluation with world's second highest detection rate of 99.6%. It is the standout among the 23 participating antivirus software products and its detection rate exceeds that of other international products that have participated in the evaluation for many years: BitDefender (3rd),McAfee (4th), Trend Mirco (6th), and Avast (4th from the bottom). Baidu Antivirus became the eye-catching dark horse in the evaluation!

The results of the AV-C evaluation are as follows:

(The higher the detection rate is, the better the product will be)

During the evaluation, Baidu's own antivirus engine had a major effect. As we all know, the BitDefender engine has often been the standout during evaluations. However, this time, BitDefender and the Emsisoft which uses BitDefender engine only placed third with detection rate of 99.5%. McAfee and Trend Micro placed 4th and 6th with detection rates of 99.3%and 99.0% respectively. The internationally respected security software Avast,developed in the Czech Republic, had a disappointing performance. Its detection rate of 97.7% placed it fourth from bottom.


In 2013, Baidu Antivirus received the "VB100" and "Check Mark" security certifications, allowing Baidu to become a member of the international security club. This current ranking in the AV-C evaluation proves that Baidu has become an important player in the antivirus industry. Dong Zhiqiang, the antivirus team leader, said: "Our participation in the AV-C evaluation revealed the strengths of our products, but the three consecutive months of intensive testing also highlighted some areas for improvement. I hope our participation in this sort of third-party testing can help us improve our products. We will continue to strive to build a leading security brand.”


Note: AV-C  is an internationally recognized authoritative antivirus evaluation agency. Not every antivirus software can participate in AV-C evaluation. Before formally participating in the evaluation, the software must already demonstrate an outstanding sample detection rate, complete its scan in a reasonable period of time, be free of compatibility issues, and meet other requirements. AV-C strictly filters all participating security software and strictly limits the number of participating products. If a product does not meet one of the requirements, it will immediately lose its eligibility to participate in the evaluation.