Baidu Antivirus Anti-phishing Engine Proves its Worth by Intercepting the Latest NatWest Online Banking Phishing Attack


The Baidu Antivirus Security Center has recently detected a wave of phishing attacks targeting NatWest online banking.Once a user relaxes his guard, his password, credit card PIN, or other private information may be collected by hackers. It is reported that cybercriminals generally use fraudulent emails and other methods to trick users into clicking on phishing URLs and then steal their information. The intercepted NatWest phishing interface is extremely similar to the official site and it includes many distortions in order to bypass security detection.

Last year, the Baidu International Antivirus team cooperated with the anti-phishing working group (APWG). We are committed to working with global security manufacturers, government institutions, CERT institutions, and other organizations to combat global phishing and fraud . Baidu Antivirus also made anti-phishing one of its core features. By installing Baidu Antivirus, users can defend themselves against prevalent phishing attacks.

According to Baidu Antivirus security experts, phishing attacks are cybercriminals' favorite tool after spam and social network scams. Each day there are a massive amount of phishing URLs targeting online banking. Security experts remind users not to click any links in suspicious emails or run any suspicious email attachments. Currently, Baidu Antivirus users can protect against the latest online banking phishing sites just by enabling full protection. We recommend the other users install this program to protect their computers.

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