eBay Faces Security Breach, Millions of Customers Need to Change the Password


The most breaking news yesterday is that eBay.INC officially announced that a cyberattack that compromised a database containing encrypted passwords and other non-financial data. Customers need to change their passwords ASAP!

For now it’s unclear that how these passwords are encrypted, but in spite of password, the users’ names, emails, phone numbers, addresses are also stolen in this breach. Hackers could use these private personal information to launch phishing attacks and identity fraud which will leave those customers under the risk.


According to eBay, the attack is mainly because the hackers obtained a small number of employees' log-in credentials between February and March, which enable them the network access. The technical details of credential theft is still unknown. Currently eBay is asking all eBay users to change the passwords in order to enhance the security. Since later yesterday, all eBay customers would be notified via mail, site communications and other marketing channels to change their password.


Baidu Antivirus suggests that despite of eBay passwords please also change the same password used in other sites too. And as always, DO NOT open the link attached in suspicious email, or give out personal information via unfamiliar phone number.If you want to change the password or talk about the eBay account, contact the official customer service number or go directly to their website.