2014 Brazil World Cup is Approaching, Remember to Guard Your Own Net


As coaches and players are busy preparing for the 2014 World Cup, cybercriminals are likewise developing their attack techniques. Previously, the Baidu Antivirus Security Center described several attacks targeting the World Cup, including fraudulent FIFA downloads and network phishing activities that aimed to steal users' credit card information.

Lately, we have noticed reports from users that they received phishing emails in the name of a well-known ticketing site. These emails stated that the users had already won a prize--World Cup tickets. However, to activate this prize, users were required to go to a website to download and install a file.

After analysis, Baidu Antivirus security experts discovered that this file, which supposedly would activate free World Cup tickets, was actually a banking trojan (Baidu Antivirus detected:Trojan.Win32.Banload.TBG). In addition, the security experts also noticed that the user information of the famous ticketing site may have already been stolen. Many users reported that the phishing email included their actual personal information. Such genuine information enhanced the perceived authenticity of the scam and, quite possibly, would lead some users to trust the email and download and ultimately install the banking trojan.


Baidu Antivirus Security Center has taken note of many variations of this type of scam, which rely on emails for dissemination. We would like to remind users to be on guard against this scam to avoid their online banking information falling into the hands of cybercriminals.

Baidu Antivirus security experts warn users: this scam can directly impact the security of your bank accounts. Please be sure to enable the network protection feature of your security software to avoid this sort of scam. Currently, Baidu Antivirus users can intercept these fraudulent emails just by enabling full protection. It is recommended that other users download the latest version of Baidu Antivirus and enable the full protection feature to avoid financial loss. 

At the same time, Baidu security team reminds soccer fans to remain vigilant and we suggest the following methods to avoid scams:


l  Be wary of unsolicited and suspicious emails (we suggest deleting them immediately)

l  Do not click on links or open attachments from suspicious emails

l  Avoid entering private information (especially credit card information) on unfamiliar websites

l  Promptly upgrade your security software and enable the full protection feature


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