AV-Comparatives Performance Test


According to report of recently completed top-level antivirus evaluation by AV-Comparatives,Baidu Antivirus ranked first place in AV-Comparatives’ May 2014 performance test among 20 top antivirus programs,earning it the Advanced+ award. 

According to AV-Comparatives, the test examines the impact of antivirus software on PC performance in several key areas,including file copying, archiving, installing/uninstalling programs, opening programs, and downloading files. Baidu Antivirus was awarded top marks in all of these areas, meaning that it is faster and more efficient in its use of system resources than many other PC antivirus programs.


“Our main goals for Baidu Antivirus are protection and performance,” said Sam Dong, team leader of Baidu Antivirus. “Earning the Advanced+ award from AV-Comparatives is a huge honor, because it means that we’re consistently hitting our targets and delivering a faster, safer experience to our users.”