International Association of Privacy Professionals


Recently, due to the hard work of Baidu's internationalization department, Baidu has officially joined the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the world's largest privacy protection organization.

Joining IAPP helps Baidu exchange and learn mature technological solutions to privacy protection within the industry. It also highlights Baidu's commitment to its users to place user information security first. 


‍The IAPP chairman J. Trevor Hughes stated,"We are happy that Baidu has announced a commitment to privacy protection,and we are very proud to welcome Baidu as a Gold Member, and to offer the IAPP's expertise in support of their efforts.". Global marketing director at Baidu's International Business Unit, Li Jie, said, "We have tens of millions of clients in overseas markets and Baidu, as China's largest search engine, processes the information of billions of users each day.Therefore, we view our commitment to privacy protection as one of our primary jobs. "

Currently, Baidu is rapidly expanding its overseas markets. Foreign users are more attentive to the security of their personal information and the privacy performance of the products. The International Antivirus team has always worked hard to protect users' privacy,Baidu Antivirus uses multiple technical methods (anti-key logger, webcam protection, screen capture protection, private browsing, etc) to protect the confidentiality of user information and effectively protect users' private information against disclosure. When private browsing is enabled, the sensitive information users access on the Internet will be promptly deleted after they close the browser. This stops others from obtaining browsing traces and safeguards users' Internet browsing privacy.

Privacy protection is currently a much-discussed and sensitive topic, both for the general public and for the manufacturers of security products, who must seriously consider it as a key indicator when building their own brands. Baidu Antivirus will continue to study privacy protection in order to create reliable security products for customers.

About IAPP: IAPP was established in 2000 in order to promote the development of new international privacy protection technologies and provide a platform for professionals to share privacy protection experience and technologies. To date, it has over 14,000 members,including governmental and research institutions, commercial organizations, and experts in the field from 83 countries. The vast majority of well-known international corporations have eagerly joined this organization, including Google, Microsoft, Intel, Wal-Mart, etc. IAPP represents the cutting-edge of privacy protection. Joining this organization allows members to interact and cooperate with well-known companies and experts in this field, as well as to get information of the latest privacy protection technologies and development trends.