Phishing Sites Intensify World Cup Campaigns, Users Face More Threats


With 32 teams from around the world fighting to win, cybercriminals are attempting to turn the passion of fans into a source of income. The Baidu Antivirus Security Center is monitoring a number of new types of phishing attacks that attempt to scam users by luring them in with unbelievable prizes. These scams primarily target Brazilian users. The most eye-catching site is "20 MIL Reals". This phishing attack still aims at stealing users' credit card numbers and other sensitive information. 


Baidu Antivirus security experts emphasize that this is an improved type of World Cup phishing attack. As we have previously disclosed, its goal is to obtain users'credit card data and other private information, such as credit card numbers,CVVs, and even online banking passwords.

This typical World Cup phishing attack is divided into several stages. First, large amounts of fraudulent information is sent to users via spam or other methods.Second, the tempting content tricks some users into accessing the specified phishing site. Finally, the credit card numbers, CPF numbers, and other information entered by users are sent to the server specified by the cybercriminal. Baidu Antivirus security experts will continue to pay close attention to World Cup-related attack activities and make known further attack methods to better protect users' Internet security.


Baidu Antivirus security experts would like to remind users that, as the World Cup heats up and fans flock to World Cup lotteries and other gambling activities,this presents cybercriminals with an opportunity they cannot pass up. Users must be sure to enable their security software's network protection features to avoid being defrauded. Currently, Baidu Antivirus users can protect against all types of common phishing sites just by enabling full protection. It is recommended that other users download the latest version of Baidu Antivirus and enable the full protection feature to prevent the theft of their credit card information. 

At the same time, the Baidu Antivirus Security Center reminds soccer fans to remain vigilant and we suggest the following methods to avoid scams:


l  Be wary of unsolicited and suspicious emails (we suggest deleting them immediately)

l  Do not click on links or open attachments from suspicious emails

l  Avoid entering private information (especially credit card information) on unfamiliar websites

l  Promptly upgrade your security software and enable the full protection feature


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