Beware of False Amazon Order Emails Containing Trojans


After a hard day's work, Billy dragged himself home. Snuggling up with a cup of coffee,he begins to casually surf the web. Suddenly, an email caught Billy's eye "Good evening, Thank you for your order. Order Details Order QL7770203 Placed on … We hope to see you again soon.". Did he sleepwalk to his computer and place an order with Amazon last night? He quickly checked to see what he ordered ("I don't want to be nagged by my wife anyway",he thought to himself). When he tried to download and open the email attachment, his Baidu Antivirus alerted him that it detected a virus named"Trojan.Win32.Reconyc.aWPy".Billy realized that the email was fake. It was designed to infect people's computers with trojans.

We often receive Amazon order information emails and other such notifications and are accustomed to track the statuses of our orders through these emails. Everyone wants to receive the products they have been waiting for as soon as possible.The prevalence of Amazon scam emails is basically based on users' tendency to anxiously await their orders. These emails are worded to trick users into downloading an attachment that supposedly contains more information about their orders. These attachments generally contain trojans (such as Backdoor Trojans,Bot Trojans, or even Banker Trojans). Once a user carelessly opens the attachment, his computer will be infected. According to Baidu Antivirus security experts, the content of this type of scam emails takes advantage of users' needs and thus can easily motivate users to click on them. Although they look elegant, they are fake. Once your computer is infected, at best, hackers will be able to take control of your computer. Worse, the data on your computer may be maliciously damaged. The most frightening prospect is if your computer is infected with a banking trojan, hackers will be able to drain the money in your bank accounts.


Meanwhile,Baidu Antivirus security experts also suggest that users be cautious when they receive similar emails. Cybercriminals will entice you into installing viruses and trojans on your computer by every possible means, so do not save or run these suspicious files. To be safe, you can log onto the official websites for Amazon and other shopping sites to see if you have actually placed an order.

Currently, Baidu Antivirus users can protect against these Trojan just by enabling the full protection feature. It is recommended that the other users download the latest version of Baidu Antivirus and enable the full protection feature so that Trojan will not be installed.

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