Don’t Fall into the Cyber Fraud of Flight MH17


Many good-hearted netizens are mourning the Flight MH17 disaster which left hundreds dead. However, we have noticed that some heartless cybercriminals have already begun using this tragedy to perpetrate network fraud. These scams often use"Video Camera Caught the moment plane MH17" and other such titles to entice users to access a video. When users access this tempting video, they are taken to an unknown webpage. Thus, users face various threats, such as phishing sites (causing disclosure of online bank account info, etc.), malware downloads(that install malicious trojans or plug-ins on users' computers),and adware (that causes pop-ups which slow down users' browsers or even cause them to crash).

Baidu Antivirus security experts would like to point out that more and more cybercriminals are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks to perpetrate large-scale network attacks. These cybercriminals attempt to use these networks' massive number of users to expand the attack and draw a sufficient amount of traffic.


Baidu Antivirus security experts would like to remind users that cybercriminals are keen to use interesting events to perform targeted attacks. They are responding increasingly rapidly to these events and can rake in a great deal of money in a short time. This is a distressing trend, especially when they take advantage of tragedy.


Baidu Antivirus Security Center reminds users to be alert for these targeted attacks and access reputable news sites to follow the Flight MH17 developments. All antivirus software protection features should be enabled to protect your computer against attacks.

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