Be Cautious to the Powerful Trojan Targeting Brazilian Online Banking Users


In today's world, who doesn't use online banking? Who is that behind the times! You can fulfill all your basic needs just by doing your shopping and banking online.However, the convenience and popularity of such services give cybercriminals a great way to make easy money. Just recently, we discovered a new online banking trojan variant (Trojan.Win32.Banker.77) that has already infected almost a thousand users. These users are at risk of enormous financial losses. This trojan is reported to use various clever disguises to penetrate online banking security measures and dynamic password cards. The most dangerous thing is that it uses a different method from past trojans that stole online banking information to break into user accounts. This online banking trojan can work in the background to directly transfer users'funds to the account of a cybercriminal.

Analysis by Baidu Antivirus security experts has shown that the discovered sample belongs to a financial-type trojan. This trojan primarily targets customers of well known Brazilian banks, such as Banco do Brasil, Banco Santander, Brasil Caixa Econ, Banco Bradesco, Banco Ita, etc. When a user is infected with this trojan, it can lie hidden in the user's computer and monitor the user in real-time to see if he is managing his money online. Once it detects a transaction, it immediately starts executing commands (e.g.intercepting account information, capturing screen information, and dozens of other commands). Users may think they are making a normal transaction, when in fact the information they have entered has been intercepted by a fake phishing interface under the control of a cybercriminal. After a user enters his account number and password, dynamic password, verification code, and other critical information, the criminal will use the information to transfer funds in the user's online account into his own account. By the time the user discovers his mistake, it is already too late. It is worth noting that, in the account transfer process, the bank's non-automated online customer service will be disabled until the transfer is complete. Vigilant users will not be able to verify the transaction with an actual customer service employee.

Baidu Antivirus Security Center would like to remind users that, in order to ensure their online banking security, they should install multi-functional security software and promptly update it to the latest version. Currently, Baidu Antivirus provides real-time protection that can intercept this banking trojan. Users that do not have Baidu Antivirus yet can download and install it from our official website.

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