How to Stop ‘Evernote Web’ from Stealing Your Data


Evernote is one of the world’s most popular online workspaces, a repository for everything you’re working on and a memory-bank that many people now struggle to live without.


Evernote Web is another thing entirely.


Recently, Baidu Antivirus security labs discovered this malicious browser plug-in that takes advantage of people’s trust in Evernote. 


Hiding in the Chrome browser, Evernote Web disguises itself as an Evernote extension to imbed itself in users' computers, monitoring your activity and producing a steady stream of ads and pop-ups.


Do not click on these pop-ups. They will immediately download and install software designed to ruin your browsing, or Trojans to steal your data.


How to stay safe

If you believe Evernote Web (not to be mistaken with the legitimate ‘Evernote Web Clipper’) is running in your browser, chances are your antivirus software needs looking at.


You should not have to find these new threats on your own, or through a manual scan. Good anti-virus software should be spotting threats like Evernote Web as they appear, and notifying you that it’s been destroyed, before you even notice something wrong.


Better yet, if your software includes cloud scanning, then threats can be blocked before they even reach your machine. 


Not sure if you have the right anti-virus software?

Try Baidu Antivirus 2015. It’s free.