The World's Obsession with iPhone6 Gives Scammers an Opportunity to Wreak Havoc


After months of leaks, Apple has finally released its all-new iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus. Within 24 hours, 4 million preorders were placed throughout the world. The new phone is already hard to find, but some people have suspiciously collected many iPhone6s already. It's like they have some sort of magic iPhone wand. Then, they advertise lotteries on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks with a prize of a free iPhone6.

This seems to give people the chance to get a free iPhone6 without having to wait in line or preorder it. All they need to do is like something on social media, forward a post, or click to comment. How can they possibly refuse!

Sadly, Baidu Antivirus security experts have discovered that these free giveaways are all scams. Users naively think that by liking something or replying to a message they will have a chance to win an iPhone6. Really, what do they have to lose? What they do not understand is that scammers create a special Facebook page to attract users. In a few hours they may accumulate thousands of likes. These likes are a sort of invisible currency and they increase the value of the page on the black market. This is a way for cybercriminals to make money.

Even more troubling, sometimes users must do more than simply like a page or reply. The scammers may require users to forward links which lead to elaborately disguised websites: "Do you want to win an iPhone6? Just complete this survey". In fact, in this "simple survey" users end up unknowingly providing a good deal of private information, such as their phone numbers, emails, home addresses, etc. Thus, instead of an iPhone6, users receive a deluge of telemarketing calls, junk mail, etc. Furthermore, this type of scam can be enhanced to draw users to fake phishing sites or silently download and install trojans. Both of these methods can be used to aggressively infiltrate users' computers and steal more than just personal information.

Baidu Antivirus Security Center would like to remind users to be wary of activities that promise a free iPhone6. Although some companies will use iPhone6s to increase the popularity of their marketing activities, in most cases it is a hoax. These scams take advantage of your trust and harass your friends (No one wants their Facebook account to post iPhone lottery ads on all their friends' pages). To avoid scams, users must be alert for them and ignore false information. Meanwhile, they should enable Baidu Antivirus' comprehensive protection function to provide their computers with anti-phishing and other important security protections.

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