Have You Heard about the Great Windows 10 Kidnap?


As with any Windows launch, the coming release of Windows 10 has caused a lot of excitement among consumers looking to keep up to date with the latest and greatest software. 

Anticipation is building, and the prospect of getting early access to the software is a powerful lure. Even though it is not yet officially available, many are already searching the internet for a download link. 


This is where scammers are taking advantage. While the world is waiting for Windows 10 to launch, 

our Baidu Antivirus security labs has found that relevant search terms such as "Windows 10 download" have been kidnapped to tempt users into downloading malicious adware instead of the real thing.



(Users are directed to a landing page which encourages them to download a programme named SpeedUpMyPC)

This malicious adware links through to false software programmes that are designed to look legitimate. If you fall for it, you’ll be asked to pay a registration fee. You might also be offered an incentive if you pay for more installs. 

All of it is fake, of course. 

As with many adwares, the Windows 10 offer disguises itself carefully and uses a popular topic to catch the eyes of users. Quick to download, its effects are long term, and vary from the inconvenient such as using up computer memory or reducing the operating speed, to the more dangerous like stealing users’ personal information. 

Our advice? If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. 

Our security labs team continue to monitor the movements of the Windows 10 threat, with all updates pushed instantly to our antivirus software