Prevent Malicious Promoters From Invading Your Computer With Useless Software


Recently, Billy accidently downloaded a video player plug-in and suddenly discovered his PC was full of many new software programs, such as OptimizerPro (fake optimization software), omiga-plus (which modifies the browser homepage and the search function), a browser app (pop-up ads), and MyPcBackup (backup software). Now, Billy's desktop is covered with icons and his computer runs significantly slower with software windows popping up from time to time... His computer has all sorts of problems just because he downloaded a video plug-in.


(Many software programs inexplicably appeared on the computer)

According to the security experts at Baidu Antivirus, the authors of this type of software first implant a carefully constructed promotional page (e.g. a Flash Player plug-in update, a special video plug-in download, etc.) on websites to trick users into downloading the promoter program. Unlike previous promoters, malicious "breeder" promoters are much more powerful. Once they enter a computer, they automatically force-install many programs in the background, which affect the user's experience. What's more, for more convenient promotion control, this software puts promotion configuration files on the server so the program's controller can collect information on infected computers and adjust the promotion software list accordingly. This lets them install software on a user's computer anytime they want, without his/her permission. As shown below, we have discovered that the cloud currently supports 15 software programs that can be installed on users' computers in this way.

Baidu Antivirus Security Center would like to remind users to be on the lookout for false plug-ins when watching online videos. Be careful when downloading, or else a promoter program may slow down your computer or leak your personal information. Currently, Baidu Antivirus users can enable all security defense functions to intercept this malicious promoter. We also suggest that people regularly use security software to check their computers and completely remove any potential threats.

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