AV-Comparatives File Detection Test


According to the latest report of world renowned antivirus testing organization AV-Comparatives, Baidu Antivirus was awarded an “Advanced” ranking in its file detection test.

During the test, 126,335 prevalent malicious samples were introduced to a computer running Windows 7, and Baidu Antivirus successfully detected and eradicated 99.7% of them.See details in the list below. 

Baidu Antivirus’s high detection rate along with its significantly improved performance in false positive boosted it from the default “Tested” category all the way up to “Advanced”.

Note: AV-C is an internationally recognized authoritative antivirus evaluation agency. Not every antivirus product can participate in AV-C test. Before formally participating in the test, the software must already demonstrate an outstanding sample detection rate, complete its scan in a reasonable period of time, be free of compatibility issues, and meet other requirements. If a product does not meet one of the requirements, it will immediately lose its eligibility to participate in the test.