Lock Your Priceless PC Data — Or Lose It


Would you leave your personal bank details, photographs and documents lying around for anyone to pick up? Of course not! But if your PC isn’t properly protected, that’s exactly what you are doing. If you’ve ever banked, bought, emailed or posted to social media online, your information is out there — and without effective antivirus protection — it’s wide open.

As one of the world’s largest internet companies, Baidu continually monitors emerging online threats. This 24/7 vigilance is critical because criminals are quick to exploit holes in your PC’s defences. 

Financial crisis: scammers are always looking for ways to grab your cash. Viruses such as Trojans can target your online banking data, with new examples fooling many standard forms of antivirus software into thinking they’re safe. It means they stay hidden for longer — stealing data (and your money) all the while.

Personal attack: other threats are aimed at your personal information by stealing or forcing their way through passwords. The high profile results of this kind of attack can be seen in the endless leaks of very private celebrity photos. It shows how easily ineffective PC defences can be breached, allowing criminals to destroy your privacy. 

Defenceless documents: today, virtually all documents are digital and losing them can be catastrophic. But as older operating systems like Windows XP are no longer supported, they become increasingly vulnerable to attack. One way to try and protect documents is to move them to the Cloud, but scammers have been quick to exploit openings here too.

Baidu believes that web security is a right, not a privilege — investing in free forever, premium antivirus protection so you don’t have to. By constantly tracking and countering these threats, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, Baidu’s award-winning antivirus software keeps its 90 million users safe and secure.

To lock down your priceless PC data, visit Baidu today