Netflix "Free Accounts": A Time-Wasting, Potentially Dangerous Scam


These days, there’s a new type of "free" trap on the Internet. Perpetrators use a popular service or product to lure users to a specific product website. After users access the sites, scammers trick them into participating in a variety of strange online surveys (for example, asking them to answer a few questions to win an iPhone 6 for free). But in reality, those people taking the survey don't get anything out of it.

Recently, the Baidu Antivirus Security Center discovered a number of scams targeting Netflix (the online movie rental and streaming video company). When users search for "free Netflix account", they will be led to certain websites that take them step-by-step through an online survey. After a lot of selecting and clicking, users are delighted when they are led to believe that they can download a file containing a new, free Netflix account. However, after downloading the file, they only discover another online survey. The cycle goes on and on like this.

There is no doubt that free stuff is very tempting. However, "free" can actually cost you a lot – including your own data security and privacy. Baidu Antivirus security experts would like to remind those looking for free things not to waste their time trying to beat the system. Most offers of free stuff you find on the Internet will just trick you out of your time and effort. And at their worst, they could steal your private information.

The Baidu Antivirus Security Center would like to remind people to be wary of free account offers. Users need to keep their eyes open for scams and disregard online surveys that offer “too-good-to-be-true” free things. At the same time, they should enable Baidu Antivirus’s comprehensive protection functions that provide anti-phishing and other security protections for their computers.

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