Watch Out for New ‘Interstellar’ Scams That Could Invade Your Computer


The new hit movie Interstellar directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Michael Caine has become wildly popular and is prompting a lot of online discussion and theories about the plot. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are using this opportunity to cause trouble. Baidu Antivirus Security Center has discovered that some cybercriminals are using the name "Interstellar" to draw people to scam download sites. After people arrive at the websites, they’re then prompted to install RegClean, Search Protect, Search Snacks, Webssearches, MyPC Backup, and dozens of other programs that could seriously impact the normal use of their computer. Baidu Antivirus Security Center would like to remind everyone to be on the lookout for dangerous programs on the web, even while you’re searching for answers to the deep mysteries of the universe brought up in Interstellar!


The new scam works like this: when users search for “Interstellar” online, they may be led to Facebook or to another site that promises a free download of the movie. Then, when they click on a download link, they will be required to download Flash Player, Media Player, or another plug-in. Once users download and install the disguised malicious programs, they will be prompted to install a large number of programs on their computer. Baidu Antivirus security experts add that, based on their analysis, 19 (or even more) programs can be installed on one user's computer through this sneaky trick. After these programs are installed, the computer's homepage will be altered, and the user will find that her computer runs more and more slowly.

(Fake Facebook Post)

(Fake video plug-in prompt)

(Some of the programs that will be installed)

Baidu Antivirus Security Center would like to remind users that, in order to avoid computer problems caused by malicious programs, they should install multi-featured security software and promptly update it to the latest version. Infected users can use Baidu Antivirus 2015's Quick Scan function to restore their PC’s security and remove any potentially malicious programs. Users that do not have Baidu Antivirus yet can download and install it for free from our official website at