Be Careful When Buying iPhones and Other Popular Gadgets on the Wal-Mart Website: It Could be Cloned by Hackers


Brazilians love shopping online and are used to do their online shopping during various sales. Unfortunately, frequent online shopping can be risky. Recently, the Baidu Antivirus Security Center has been monitoring an epidemic of high-quality clones of the famous Wal-Mart website. These clone phishing sites primarily target users that want to buy popular electronic devices, including smartphones (e.g. iPhone, Sony Xperia, Galaxy), tablets (iPad), smart TVs (Sony), game consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) and Electrolux refrigerators. The ultimate aim of these phishing sites is to get users' credit card information – a frightening thought indeed!


Analysis by Baidu Antivirus security experts has revealed that cybercriminals are using tempting sales to lure users to their fake phishing sites. Then, the sites will get users to enter their personal information (e.g. home address, cell phone number, and email address). Of course, their ultimate goal is to steal users' credit card information (as shown below). It is worth noting that these phishing sites will jump to the official Wal-Mart site in the end. Careless users may believe they have just finished shopping on the official Wal-Mart site. Then, after discovering that they’ve been duped, they might angrily blame Wal-Mart for their misfortune.


To avoid online shopping scams, the Baidu Antivirus Security Center would like to remind users that when they shop online, they should install multi-functional security software and enable all defense functions.