AV-Comparatives Whole Product Dynamic "Real-World" Protection Test


In the latest “Real-World” Protection Test from world-renowned security testing organization AV-Comparatives, Baidu Antivirus received an “Advanced” rank, vastly improving upon its own previous performance and outpacing many prominent industry players. 

The “Real-World” Protection Test examines antivirus software holistically, looking at the combined protection ability of all of a product’s features. In this way, it aims to approximate a real-world usage scenario that normal people face everyday. The main focus of the test is on protecting people’s PCs from malicious websites and emails. Baidu Antivirus boosted its performance substantially from the previous such test, rising from a rating of “Standard” to “Advanced”. 

“We’re really pleased with the results of this test. Baidu Antivirus is stronger than ever before – it can protect your web-browsing better than a lot of paid antivirus programs, completely for free,” said Sam Dong, team leader of Baidu Antivirus. “Of course, we’re looking carefully at any areas where we can improve, and we’re focusing our attention there. Get ready for the best version of Baidu Antivirus coming up.” 

The test was performed using a set of 2,360 malicious websites and malware, and was carried out on a machine running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-Bit. Each individual security program was tested on its own computer, and was updated to the latest version before testing. For more information, visit the AV-Comparatives website at , and the Baidu Antivirus website at .